Is the Level of Sales or Service in Your Business Keeping You Awake at Night ?

Strada7® Leadership Lab can improve your sales revenue and service delivery by at least 21% in 21 weeks, by getting the managers of your division to use the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers.

If you aren’t hitting your sales or service targets (or employee costs are too high to deliver the level of service you need to) what problems are being caused by this?

If you’re not hitting your sales targets, revenue won’t be on target, which means less profit, and probably budget cuts. If you’re not hitting your service delivery targets, customer retention and loyalty will be lower than you want – not good for sales or your reputation.

Your Current Level of Sales or Service is not Your Fault

Increasing sales revenue and service delivery can be tricky to do, unless you know the leverage points on which to focus. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people who will show you these leverage points, because not many people know what they are.

Where do You Want to Be ?

If this is the state you’re in right now, where do you want to be? How about maximising the sales and service of your business, making both you and your team look good to the Board?

Over the past 19 years, we’ve helped many Senior Managers just like you. We’ve found that when they get their managers to use the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers, sales and service are rapidly improved. In fact, they improve by at least 21% in 21 weeks – and frequently improve much more and much faster. This ensures you get the significant Return on Investment you want.

If You Want to Increase Sales or Service, why should You Focus on Your Managers rather than only on Your Frontline Staff ?

Your managers hold the key to unlocking the rapid improvement you want. In fact, your managers are the ones who are directly responsible for the state of sales or service you’ve got right now, as poor leadership is the primary cause of low team performance.1 It's not your frontline staff who are at fault.

For sales, teams being led by Great Managers generate 6 times more than teams with the worst managers2, and almost double that of teams with average leaders.3 In short, it’s your managers who are responsible for low sales revenue4, and turning them into Great Managers is the way to rapidly increase it.

For service delivery, your managers must be Great Managers if they are to create higher levels of it5 – a team’s level of service delivery is low when their manager’s leadership behaviour is lacking.6 Turn your managers into Great Managers and you'll rapidly increase it.

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Why Should You Listen to Us ?

Over the past 19 years, we’ve helped clients rapidly increase their sales revenue and service delivery by getting their managers to use the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers. We’ve worked with over 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand. This means we’ve got unrivalled insight into what works, and what doesn’t, to increase sales and service by at least 21% in 21 weeks.

We have worked with organisations in many sectors, including Airline booking, Audiology, Banking, Classified advertising, Energy, Engineering services, Estate administration, Financial services, Glass repair and replacement, Insurance, Motoring, Public infrastructure, Retail, Security, Sports betting and Telecommunications.

Companies We’ve Helped

In our long history, we have worked with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised businesses, including:

Brava Clients


Click here to learn more about the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers.


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We’re having our best years on record because of the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab.

“4 years after implementation, the principles were still embedded in our culture, enabling us to complete one of the best years ever in the history of the NZAA in terms of sales and service results.

Even 6 years after implementation, we continued to achieve consistent financial results with every region exceeding sales targets.

“You come across a lot of programmes which are here today and gone tomorrow. But the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab ensure there is on-going benefit from the effort involved.”

Trevor Pilkington
General Manager
Centre Network
New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)


“Our service delivery has greatly improved. When the managers of my division applied the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab, there was a 62% reduction in overtime in the first month, and it’s now down more than 65%.

“As a result, there’s been a reduction in overtime costs which exceed $200,000 per month. Increased productivity has reduced wait time and re-work leading to additional cost savings.”

Richard Petterson
GM Network Operations
Queensland Urban Utilities


“Within 4 months, fundraising revenue from all channels in the programme had doubled. The project exceeded our expectations and delivered a ROI in excess of 400%, and a payback within 3 months.

“Over the following 12 months, revenue increases across the 5 channels in the programme ranged between 342% and 1,545%.”

Devinia Liddelow
People Capability & Change Manager (previously)
World Vision Australia