Client Results – Service Delivery

Contact Energy

We took 1 minute off the average call length, within 3 months.

“I am far more engaged with my people. I actually feel like I’m making a difference and I enjoyed the training process. While there were sceptics in the beginning it’s now part of the culture. The culture was good before, but now it has a buzz, it’s even better.”

       - Judith Stevich, Customer Care Manager


Countrywide Bank

Service delivery increased by 837% in 2 months.

       - Donald Young, Senior HR Consultant (previously)


Farmers Trading Company

“We were looking for a programme that would have long-lasting effects throughout the organisation. We wanted something that would positively modify behaviour.

“There was another popular training programme I looked at but decided it would have had a dramatic but short-term impact.

The 7 Disciplines of Great Managers target and motivate the behaviour that drives financial results.

       - Allan Nicholson, General Manager Human Resources (previously)


Of the dozens of management courses I have attended (or suffered!) over the years, this is, without doubt, one of the very few with real lasting impact. On analysis I think it is because the message and methodology is simple.”

       - Richard Yarrow, Store Manager (previously)


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Mitsubishi Motors

“We find the 7 Disciplines are pitched at the right level for our Service Managers.

“I find the techniques both simple and effective. The 7 Disciplines of Great Managers give you the tools to help change staff attitude from negative to positive. The results are pretty immediate, and importantly you learn how you can find that “right” button to press to get the improvements in service delivery you want.”

       - Lloyd Robinson, Manager Technical Services


New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)

“I started the Strada7® Leadership Lab when I was a Team Manager. I was always told by my immediate manager that I was doing a good job with my team, so I didn’t think this course could teach me much. Man I was in for a surprise!

“I’ve always been a bit apprehensive in doing courses which are online, as I love the face-to-face interaction. But I knew how good the Coach Blair Stevenson was, since I had attended a one-day course he’d facilitated few years back. The things I learnt from that course are still stamped in my memory.

“I am currently the Contact Centres Manager and I have a team of 12 Team Leaders who report to me. I have a very high performing team who love their job and love coming to work. This has all been possible due to what I learnt and put into practice from the Strada7® Leadership Lab.”

       - Suhail Shaikh, Contact Centres Manager


Queensland Urban Utilities

Greater service delivery through increased productivity is saving us more than $200,000 a month.

“Our service delivery has greatly improved. When the managers of my division applied the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab, there was a 62% reduction in overtime in the first month, and it’s now down more than 65%. As a result, there’s been a reduction in overtime costs which exceed $200,000 per month. Increased productivity has reduced wait time and re-work leading to additional cost savings.

“Because of the increased productivity, we do not need to engage third parties to do the work, and our subcontractor costs are dropping.

“The flow of customer complaints has dropped to zero and I’m now getting regular letters and e-mails of commendation.

“This wasn’t just a short term change. Improvements in service delivery, leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, productivity, and organisational culture, still continue 18 months after the original intervention.

In its first year the project delivered an ROI exceeding 1,100% and a payback in under 1 month.

This is in stark contrast to what was happening before the managers of my division started to use the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab. Service delivery was down because of their poor leadership, and we were exceeding our costs budget by millions of dollars. We had a higher than benchmark injury rate and absenteeism; low productivity, a lower than benchmark employee engagement score (the lowest score in the blue collar workforce located in the field) with around 25% of the workforce actively disengaged, so the field force had low to average motivation. Individual and team performance varied widely – indicating that field staff were inconsistent in their use of standard operating procedures (SOPs), and that some lacked the front-line field service skills they needed. This was a big roadblock to building a customer service culture, which we were going to need if we were to fulfil our goals.

“In short, the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab have completely turned around the service delivery of my division.”

       - Richard Petterson, General Manager Network Operations


Service delivery has increased with a greater focus on the customer.

“After the managers of the division started to use the principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab, service delivery is up, with a new culture characterised by a drive for results, transparency and accountability for performance, and customer-centricity is clearly developing. On top of that, only 3 months after starting, the average cost per job dropped 10%.”

       - Joe Taylor, Manager Field Services


Telecom New Zealand

“The training delivered a measurable and systematic approach for success in Customer Care. It is the key tool that has helped us change the Customer Care culture.”

       - Trish Keith, National Manager Sales & Service (previously)


“The feedback and results from the training have been fabulous and immediate. One of our internal teams often struggled to meet agreed service levels that impacted on other teams. Within a few weeks there was both a measurable improvement in their performance and a lift in morale! This was a GREAT achievement. We highly recommend the training.”

       - Christine Allan, Channel Operations Manager – Training (previously)


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