Features of Strada7 Leadership Lab

Strada7® Leadership Lab is a 12 week programme. It is delivered online, and consists of:

  • 12 x live online Training Webinars
    These help your managers learn the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers, and reveal the secrets they can apply to create rapid improvements in the level of sales and/or service delivery achieved by their teams. Managers can ask the Leadership Coach any questions they have.
  • 12 x online Group Coaching Sessions
    These guide your managers in applying the 7 Disciplines, and help to develop their leadership skills. Managers can ask for leadership advice, and feedback on actions they’re taking. These Sessions also serve to hold managers accountable for taking action to apply what they’re learning, as the Leadership Coach will check their progress. This ensures you get the rapid improvements in sales revenue and/or service delivery which you are wanting.
  • 10 x online Modules
    Along with the Webinars, these Modules provide all the information managers require to use the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers; and are a reference guide for your managers to use in the future.
  • 10 x online Action Plans
    These help your managers put into practice and master what they’re learning.
  • Phone and email Support
    Your managers can get additional support from their Leadership Coach, whenever they need it, during the Leadership Lab.
  • Monthly Update Reports
    You can see the progress your managers are making in the course content.
  • Continued phone and email Support
    Your managers get 6 months support from a Leadership Coach after the Lab finishes.


Managers Have Access to the Course Materials for Life

Once a manager has completed Strada7® Leadership Lab, they are provided with a workbook with all the material, so they can refer back to it. Managers in our client organisations tell us they find it very helpful to be able to refer back to the material, long after they have finished the Leadership Lab.


Our Leadership Coaches Know Exactly How to Rapidly Increase Sales Revenue and Service Delivery

Our coaches, Blair Stevenson, Mal Winnie, and Michelle Dalley, have more than 37 years’ combined experience in rapidly increasing sales revenue and service delivery, by improving the leadership capability of managers. You can be assured that your managers will be able to get tailored and specific advice on any leadership issue or question they may have.

Click to find out about the rapid improvements our clients have achieved in sales and service delivery.

“What a difference it has made! Instead of me exploding when things go badly, now it’s sales figures exploding! Extended Warranty sales carry good margin for us, and in 2 weeks, we achieved over 50% growth.

Trevor Thomas
Harvey Norman


Service delivery increased by 837% in 2 months.”

Donald Young
Senior HR Consultant (previously)
National Bank


“We increased productivity so much that we’ve reduced the number of staff from 48 to 33 (a 31% reduction) without reducing throughput. That’s as good a money in the bank!

“You’ve got to bring the lower-performing people up to the level of the high-performers, and the principles of Strada7® Leadership Lab taught us how to get the best out of the people who weren’t performing.

“As a result,there was a boost in staff morale resulting in more productivity. The collections rate improved by 2% within the first three months, and this reduction was maintained.

Jim Wrigley
Collections Manager (previously)
ADT Security


“The principles of Strada7® Leadership Lab work so well because they make managers focus on the behaviours which lead to sales rather than just on the results – if sales results are down, we can go through and work out why.”

Romana Meden
General Manager
Human Resources
New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)