Why would I use Strada7 Leadership Lab instead of other Leadership Training ?

If you want to rapidly increase sales revenue or service delivery, Strada7® Leadership Lab is more targeted, effective, convenient and economical than other leadership training.

More Targeted at Increasing Sales Revenue and Service Delivery

Most leadership training incorporates a long list of leadership standards and competencies, few of which drive high sales and service. There are only a handful of management practices that make big improvements to sales and service – we call these the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers.

Strada7® Leadership Lab helps managers learn and implement the 7 Disciplines, so they can change employee behaviour for rapid improvements in sales revenue and service delivery. This means they can increase sales and service each by at least 21% in 21 weeks, while also improving employee engagement.

More Effective at Increasing Sales and Service

Traditional workshop-based leadership training only builds knowledge and skill – it doesn’t mean managers change what they do when they go back to work. Without clear expectations and support, most managers limit their efforts to change. They often don’t apply much of what they’ve learnt back on the job, so they lose on average 87% of their newly acquired skills and knowledge within a month.1 This means leadership performance doesn’t improve by any measurable amount, and no change occurs in sales or service.

With Strada7® Leadership Lab, managers learn new techniques in bite-size chunks, which they are supported to apply on-the-job. This ensures they master their new skills, so you get the increases in sales revenue or service delivery you want.

More Convenient than other Leadership Training

It’s a hassle having managers take time away from work to travel and attend leadership workshops. Strada7® Leadership Lab is delivered through a mix of webinars, online learning, and online coaching. This means there are none of the costs associated with managers having to travel away from work. It doesn’t matter where managers are – they can still access the training.

More Economical Than Other Leadership Training

Strada7® Leadership Lab is much more economical than running traditional leadership training workshops for your managers, as it is charged on a per manager basis, rather than being a fixed cost per workshop. The full programme is equivalent to 3 days of workshops.

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1 Rackham, N. (1979). The coaching controversy. American Society for Training and Development Journal 33(11), p. 12-16.


Sales conversion has increased by 25% (the proportion of inbound enquiries resulting in sales).

“When people do a generic ‘leadership’ course they come away with a lot of concepts about leadership. But what they don’t have are practical skills they can apply – which is what we got from the principles in Strada7® Leadership Lab.”

Susy Goldner
Global Guest Contact Centre Manager (previously)
Virgin Australia


Of the dozens of management courses I have attended (or suffered!) over the years, this is, without doubt, one of the very few with real lasting impact.

“On analysis I think it is because the message and methodology is simple.”

Richard Yarrow
Store Manager (previously)
Farmers Trading Company


“One of our stores was going to be closed because it was running at a loss. However, when the managers of the store applied the 7 Disciplines, everything changed. In just over 1 month, extended warranty sales increased by 17%, and items per sale increased by 18%. As a result, the store became profitable, and we decided to retain it.

Across the business, we saw an improvement in warranty sales of a little more than 20%.”

Craig Robertson
General Manager Operations (previously)
Pacific Retail Group